Reaching the Third Level….

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The third level of practice, which is called śāmbavopāya (path of Śiva) in the tradition of Kashmir Śaivism, uses the will. All traditions teach this practice, in which we rest in the Heart by a well directed will. Obviously, this is not easy; it requires discipline and complete surrender to God, Self, the Absolute. Yoga Sūtras III.17 says that through …

Accepting Our Own Evil….

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From the standpoint of worldly existence, my vocation looks rather difficult to understand and even boring. My job is to guide people Home. My vocation is to be Home. Home is the Heart, where we meet God. In order to go there, we have to leave all our attachments behind. Among other things, we have to go through all our …

The Meaning of Stewardship….

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In church, I used to hear the word “stewardship” thrown around: “We need to be good stewards”. For most people, that did and does mean “give money”. The real sense of stewardship is to take responsibility for the care of something. So if we are stewards of something, then it is our job to make sure all is right with …

The Business of All Businesses….

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St Bernard called this work we do here “the business of all businesses”. And it is. I am in the business of going to God; going home to God. That is my business, my profession. If you are looking for winter clothes, you came to the wrong store. If you are looking for a mommy, you came to the wrong …

Sadhana Is Uncomfortable….

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We have been looking at how we repackage things to suit our small selves, and seeing that it is so sad. If we do not restrain our small selves, we only repackage. Repackaging is just another word for twisted love. We are unwilling to love openly and honestly, so we twist and repackage and then present that to the world. …

Act in Stillness….

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We speak so many words, and then how much do we practice them? When I say practice, I do not mean “trying”; I mean actually “being “ them. Yoga Sutras II.18 says Prakrti (Nature, material) exists for the experience and liberation of the Seer. The Seen exists for the sake of the Seer. Experience and liberation are then knowables. When …

Mother’s Day….

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Today in the States we celebrate Mother’s Day. Baba was for me both my mother and father. He brought me up; he cleaned me up. My first mother and father were my first teachers. They continue to teach me my life lessons. I owe them much, since they introduced me to the part I am playing and helped reveal the …


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Baba used to call me Ganesh. At the time, the name did not bring joy into my heart. What am I supposed to learn from this? Why is he calling me Ganesh? These were my questions. Yes, I was in charge of security for the ashram. Yes, Ganesh was the guard at the door for his mother, Parvati. Yes, I …

Clues in the Treasure Hunt….

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Walking the path of spiritual practice is like a treasure hunt. Each clue will lead us down the path closer to the goal. The problem is, will we see the clues? Will we discern the clues properly? And finally will we follow the clues? Clues on this treasure hunt are always showing up. God does not want us to lose. …

Spiritual Direction v. Conventional Therapy….

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Rohini explains how spiritual direction goes beyond conventional forms of therapy and counseling, and how its stages work. For more videos and lessons, sign up for a free or paid subscription.