Baba always spoke….

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Baba always spoke of not hurting a human heart. This was and is the crucial guide by which to assess our motivations and actions. True sādhana bruises the ego, but it never injures the heart. If you are hurting someone’s heart, you should question your actions and motives.

When we are blind….

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When we are blind, we do not see how much or even whom we hurt. We do not realize that the vibration, not the action, is what usually causes the injury. Baba always wanted us to Love, but there is no Love in a no-boundary zone, no matter how innocent the actions we perform are. Whether we like it or …

Mother’s Day 2017….

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Rohini draws on her Mother’s Day blog post to explain what we should ask ourselves and reflect about in relation to our mothers. For more videos and lessons, sign up for a free or paid subscription.