Walking Bliss….

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Lokānanda samādhi sukkam. The Bliss of the world is the Bliss of samādhi. Sahajsamādhi: walking Bliss. This is why I went to Swami Muktananda. Baba had imbibed and lived this understanding, and I wanted to learn and imbibe it from him. Prior to meeting Baba, I had known very powerful energy experiences. I had seen lights and colors, heard sounds, …

Knowing the Road….

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The reason I started down this path was that I had to. I knew that what I wanted to know was there, wherever “there” was. What did I want? Happiness and peace. Knowing the Truth, the bottom line of life, I knew would give me lasting peace and joy. Thus began my treasure hunt. From science back to my first …

I’m All for Nondualism….

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We have to die. Who has to die? The one that never existed. This seems unclear, but from the standpoint of the Self it totally makes sense. As long as the small self believes it exists, we are living a dualistic life, separate from God. Nondualism does not occur except in philosophy and theology class until we actually remove our …

The Business of All Businesses….

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St Bernard called this work we do here “the business of all businesses”. And it is. I am in the business of going to God; going home to God. That is my business, my profession. If you are looking for winter clothes, you came to the wrong store. If you are looking for a mommy, you came to the wrong …

Mother’s Day….

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Today in the States we celebrate Mother’s Day. Baba was for me both my mother and father. He brought me up; he cleaned me up. My first mother and father were my first teachers. They continue to teach me my life lessons. I owe them much, since they introduced me to the part I am playing and helped reveal the …

The light that enlivens….

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  The light that enlivens the subtle creative process is the same light that enlivens the shrunken, ignorant, delusive small self.  We have to choose–and we can choose–what we enliven.  Will and discernment are so important. Love enlivens everything, but because it passes through different vehicles until it reaches full manifestation, by the time it manifests fully it is twisted …

Characteristics of Mysticism….

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From Mysticism, by Evelyn Underhill: 1.  True mysticism is active and practical, not passive and theoretical.  It is an organic life-process, a somthing which the whole self does; not something as to which its intellect holds an opinion. 2.  Its aims are wholly transcendental and spiritual.  It is  in no way concerned with adding to, exploring, re-arranging, or improving anything …

Remorse and Compassion


Rohini discusses the difference between real remorse and self-loathing. For more videos and lessons, sign up for a free or paid subscription.

Clarity of goals and definitions….

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When we start a conversation we tend to look for common ground. This might be language, activities or anything that we feel will bridge us to the other person. In our desire to connect, we may miss what is actually going on. If what we share is a common language, then we need to check our definitions. Assuming shared definitions …

Warriors for peace and warriors for war….

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It hit me that Tolstoy had it right: War and Peace. We are organized into two teams: warriors for war and warriors for peace. We are playing a big game. There are times when more players are on the warriors for war side and times when the warriors for peace are winning. As long as we remain separate from God …