The Mystical Itinerary….

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We can observe the mystical journey in the levels of spiritual practice and in the lives of the great mystics. If we are to take this journey, we have to start with a longing for God, for Love, for the Self of All, for the bottom line of existence. Where most of us start is a state of outward-turned inertia. …

Consciously Deeper….

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In this past Saturday’s Lessons and Questions, I read aloud a passage from Devatma Shakti by Swami Vishnu Tirtha in which he lays out two ways of using the mind when addressing a problem: In the first case it grapples with a problem, sticks to it and follows the details by steps in logical sequence, and finds the conclusion, but …

Journey of the Practitioner….

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What is a practitioner? In many cases, academics, theologians, and intellectuals believe their expertise is the highest level—they assume they rank above practitioners. In truth, mystics are the practitioners of spirituality. According to Evelyn Underhill, what idealists and theorists can only speak of, practitioners live: In Idealism we have perhaps the most sublime theory of Being which has ever been …

Avian Samadhi….

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The winter was brutally cold. Weeks on end below zero degrees Fahrenheit, with wind chill minus 20 to 30. Even when the sun came out, it was bitter cold and dangerous to go outside. Our acre garden spent the winter covered in snow. No hellebores blooming through February for us. A couple of years ago we began feeding the birds …

Mother’s Day….

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Today in the States we celebrate Mother’s Day. Baba was for me both my mother and father. He brought me up; he cleaned me up. My first mother and father were my first teachers. They continue to teach me my life lessons. I owe them much, since they introduced me to the part I am playing and helped reveal the …

The light that enlivens….

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  The light that enlivens the subtle creative process is the same light that enlivens the shrunken, ignorant, delusive small self.  We have to choose–and we can choose–what we enliven.  Will and discernment are so important. Love enlivens everything, but because it passes through different vehicles until it reaches full manifestation, by the time it manifests fully it is twisted …

Characteristics of Mysticism….

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From Mysticism, by Evelyn Underhill: 1.  True mysticism is active and practical, not passive and theoretical.  It is an organic life-process, a somthing which the whole self does; not something as to which its intellect holds an opinion. 2.  Its aims are wholly transcendental and spiritual.  It is  in no way concerned with adding to, exploring, re-arranging, or improving anything …

Remorse and Compassion


Rohini discusses the difference between real remorse and self-loathing. For more videos and lessons, sign up for a free or paid subscription.

Clarity of goals and definitions….

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When we start a conversation we tend to look for common ground. This might be language, activities or anything that we feel will bridge us to the other person. In our desire to connect, we may miss what is actually going on. If what we share is a common language, then we need to check our definitions. Assuming shared definitions …