Rohini with Baba

Spiritual practice means taking the journey toward embracing the Love of God. Spiritual practice will remove your ignorance. It will disentangle you from what isn’t real. It will reveal to you who, in truth, you have always been. On this site, you will be able to find more information about Rohini and the practice, live classes, recorded courses and a weekly blog.


          unconscious                  expression

                  of      default


           seems      so           sure

                  too        true

             more    me

                      won’t willingly

         disentangle to                   discover    uncover

                 witness           watching

endless                                                 entertainment

                   binging           with          no


             allowing                                image

         to                 think          what         it


         wake up                          too late

                          reflect    rather

     than                  inertly            sit

              use                        each       vehicle

                         as        should



                                    God            directing

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