Living the Practice

For over three decades, Rohini Ralby has shared the spiritual practice she learned through years of one-on-one instruction from her Guru, Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa. As her practice has deepened, she has found different ways to give outward expression to inward experience and understanding.

In her 2012 book Walking Home with Baba: The Heart of Spiritual Practice, Rohini interspersed illuminating stories from her life and discipleship with chapters on tools and techniques for the spiritual practice her Guru taught her. Here, in the first of two volumes, she gathers a collection of prose teachings, poems, and paintings, organized thematically to explore the dimensions and stages of true spiritual practice, or sadhana. Showing not only the depth and discernment she has gained through the grace of her Guru, but also an artistry informed by her many years of training and education in dance as well as her mastery of Tai Chi Chuan, these pieces communicate the lived actuality of spiritual practice, and serve as lamps along the path.

Living the Practice is available in the U.S.  at Amazon.

Living the Practice is available in the UK at Amazon UK and major bookstores.

Walking Home with BabaWalking Home with Baba: The Heart of Spiritual Practice

Walking Home with Baba recounts Rohini’s experiences on the path of spiritual practice, and explains exactly how to get to and rest in the Heart.  Its odd-numbered chapters are explicitly instructional, offering tools and techniques for spiritual practice.  Its even-numbered chapters recount significant vignettes from Rohini’s own spiritual journey, especially her years with Muktananda.  While the instructional chapters provide detailed guidance in spiritual disciplines, the narrative chapters convey the lived experience of traveling the path and being the close disciple of a great Guru.

Walking Home with Baba is also a practical, even quintessential companion to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Rather than offer an exhaustive commentary on every sutra, Rohini distills the key principles of classical Yoga by focusing on selected sutras and explaining how they relate to daily spiritual practice.

After a chapter recounting her final experiences with Baba, including his death, Rohini closes the book with a list of suggested readings, and a compilation of her own aphorisms–pithy, often witty one-liners designed to shake us out of our ignorance.  For clarity, she provides a glossary of spiritual terms.

Walking Home with Baba is the expression of decades spent practicing and sharing the practice with others.  Its purpose is to teach us how to free ourselves from misery and recognize who we truly are.  Though Rohini introduces tools she has developed over the years, she returns again and again to the essential principles of practice.  In Walking Home with Baba, she provides a practical guide to real, abiding happiness.

Walking Home with Baba is available in the U.S.  at Amazon.

Walking Home with Baba is available in the UK at Amazon UK and major bookstores.