The Business of All Businesses….

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St Bernard called this work we do here “the business of all businesses”. And it is. I am in the business of going to God; going home to God. That is my business, my profession. If you are looking for winter clothes, you came to the wrong store. If you are looking for a mommy, you came to the wrong store. If you are looking for a therapist, you came to the wrong store. If you are looking for a car, you came to the wrong store. I am in the business of God, period.

Who is this God that I am making available in my shop? God is the everything, the underlying fiber of our entire existence. Out of God everything on the physical plane manifests, including us. Therefore there is no place that God is not. God informs all. God informs what we call good and what we call bad. There is nothing, including evil, that God does not inform. Everything is God; that is why going to God is the business of businesses.

We may know this intellectually, but experientially not know it at all. When truth about God is just a belief, we are idealists, always thinking, believing, looking; we are not being. We are not with God. So no matter how beautiful these ideas are, we are always separate. We are a shadow of the Truth, so there is always a dissatisfaction; always a feeling that something is missing.

Here is where this business of businesses comes in. The purpose of this business is to bring you to God. If you walk in my store, I will offer you all kinds of tools that will help you succeed in this endeavor. There will be meditation, shaktipat, foursquares, the seed tool, scripture study, tools for removing obstacles, chanting, the Guru, three levels of practice, some external practices, internal practice. All is here at my store. If you only want to browse, then do it quickly and leave. I do not have time for window shoppers. This is a niche business, intended only for the people who know that they want what is offered here.

This business is not personal. If it were, then it would not be the business of businesses. Using tools you can find here leads you to the universal. They are designed to remove the personal. So if you want to keep your special, unique individuality, best not come to my store. You will get very angry if you buy these and use the products not knowing their real danger to the small self. If you are looking for a glorified small self, all pretty and up to date, definitely do not set foot in this shop. It is very hard to go back to where you were once you have used what is offered here.

The shopkeeper is someone who has used all the tools and is an expert, having been trained by a master of this business. The shopkeeper cannot just be anyone. He is there to show you how to use the tools, guide you with any difficulties and answer your questions all the way to the goal, the fulfillment of the store’s purpose and your purpose in using what is offered at the store.

I love my store. I love my work. I love my business. The lineage of this business is long and exalted. I apprenticed under the master Swami Muktananda. I bow to Baba Muktananda, the great Guru. He gave me life, fulfillment, and love, and taught me all I know. Everything in my shop follows and is informed by his teachings. I respect all that he taught me. I am proud to be of this lineage and dedicate this business of businesses to my Guru. For without him I would not have gotten anywhere and would have nothing to offer.

Do come to my shop if you are looking for Love. Come if you want the Truth, God. Come if you are ready to leave behind what is dissolved when using the tools here. Come if you want what this shop offers. Well come.









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