Who am I?….

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Who am I?  At any given moment, I appear to be the furthest thing out that consciousness has enlivened.  So “who I am” changes from moment to moment.  My job is to return to Me and stay there, and not identify with what I enliven. This seems so easy, “just be myself”; however, it requires intense work and Grace. We …

Grandiose self assessment is….

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Grandiose self assessment is as detrimental to living fully as low self assessment. They are both faulty and cause decision making that brings the person to misery. There is no harmony when we operate from our self-esteem. Self-esteem is just a set of ideas that we have identified with; we have allowed our actions and decisions to be informed by …

Importance of Community

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St. Symeon’s discussion….

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St. Symeon’s discussion of contemplative prayer in the Philokalia might serve as a good reference point for the practice I teach. He establishes three levels of attention and prayer. The first level relates to the five senses, with God as Other; the practice makes use of outward props such as icons, statues and formal ritual.  The second level relates to the mind, …


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I like seeing myself as a beginner. I have always been a beginner. This way I can always learn. If I ‘know’, then there is nothing more to learn. For all of us in relative reality, thinking we ‘know’ is dangerous. If we lived in Absolute Reality, then I could say ‘fine I know’. But then, if I were in …