Who am I?….

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Who am I?  At any given moment, I appear to be the furthest thing out that consciousness has enlivened.  So “who I am” changes from moment to moment.  My job is to return to Me and stay there, and not identify with what I enliven.

This seems so easy, “just be myself”; however, it requires intense work and Grace. We may believe we are being ourselves, but in reality we are identifying with an idea, a sense, a body, an energy, an emotion, any kind of vibration. The true Me is pure Subject with no object, the Perceiver not the perceived.

How do we return? By letting go of what you believe or even experience is you and then boring in toward the Heart. If we are boring in continuously we will keep finding that there is more and more that we perceive. What we thought was us is now perceivable, and so cannot and could not be us. If I can perceive it it cannot be Me.


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