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I like seeing myself as a beginner. I have always been a beginner. This way I can always learn. If I ‘know’, then there is nothing more to learn. For all of us in relative reality, thinking we ‘know’ is dangerous. If we lived in Absolute Reality, then I could say ‘fine I know’. But then, if I were in Absolute Reality I would not be saying ‘I know’. So for God’s sake and your own just be a beginner and grow from where you are.

After each new level reveals itself from the most recent ego death, the experience is that now we are in new territory. We are now playing in a subtler landscape and the rules are slightly different, as something has fallen away. We are not sure ‘who we are’, which is a good thing, and our job is not to find a new ‘me’. We are to continue boring in toward the Truth, the Absolute, Heart, Home.We are to let go of what we are now looking at and move toward God, the Self of All.

Though there are times we will lose, our job is to persevere; not to let our limited small self inform our lives. As beginners we can keep working. The danger of experts is to become complacent. Then we can find ourselves so far off we are no longer in the game at all. Beginners tend to pay attention though they do not see clearly; experts see more, but they can lose concentration. Until we have reached Union, none of us sees completely clearly.

Develop discrimination and non-attachment. Know you are neither your good nor your bad small self.

Beginner                         Expert

Learner                           Know-it-all

As we own them all, we begin to be who we really are.

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