The light that enlivens….

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The light that enlivens the subtle creative process is the same light that enlivens the shrunken, ignorant, delusive small self.  We have to choose–and we can choose–what we enliven.  Will and discernment are so important.

Love enlivens everything, but because it passes through different vehicles until it reaches full manifestation, by the time it manifests fully it is twisted love. We then have a narrative that we live out, and we believe there is no other way to see things. Each of us, though our expression is different, believes our way of seeing is the real way, the Way. Though we are the moon and not the sun, we believe we are self illuminative and sure.

Once we begin sadhana we learn that our view of the world is diminished and not universal. Our enlivening is not as pure and clean as we previously thought. We now turn around and look at our vehicles, which are covered with the dust and dirt that distort our light into a narrow and deluded vision and expression. We become reflective and grow aware of our impurities and faulty thinking. We are in the process of cleansing ourselves, so we can be who we really are rather than the shrunken self with whom we have wrongly identified. We are cleansing our will and discernment. In this phase, as we cleanse ourselves deeper and deeper we see the world with a wider vision, we understand in new and clearer ways. At this point we need to be extremely careful, because we can believe we are somewhere we are not. The fact that we can see from a greater perspective does not mean we are fully realized, or that we are better than others who have not attained our exalted position. Sadhana is about the removal of the wrong understanding that we created and enlivened in the first place. What are we so proud of? We made the mess we are now cleaning up. We are retracing our steps back to the beginning and cleaning as we go.

Finally, once we reach home in the Heart, where there is only Love, we then will turn again and manifest what remains: pure Love. There will be nothing to cloud the Truth. We will truly be who we are, with no distortion or diminishment. Pure Love expressing itself as Pure Love. If we were each to reach this place, we would still look different because our vehicles, even our pure vehicles, will express Love differently.

We will then manifest for the good of All, and no other reason.


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