Clarity of goals and definitions….

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When we start a conversation we tend to look for common ground. This might be language, activities or anything that we feel will bridge us to the other person. In our desire to connect, we may miss what is actually going on. If what we share is a common language, then we need to check our definitions. Assuming shared definitions …

Bleeding Heart….


Bleeding heart

Realistic / detached

Compassionate / empathetic / humane

Hard hearted / unfeeling / cold

Warriors for peace and warriors for war….

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It hit me that Tolstoy had it right: War and Peace. We are organized into two teams: warriors for war and warriors for peace. We are playing a big game. There are times when more players are on the warriors for war side and times when the warriors for peace are winning. As long as we remain separate from God …

People who look….

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People who look outside themselves for completion try to “connect” with their eyes. They “meet” someone but in truth are just projecting and completing their small self.