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So much language these days is about change, transformation, on all levels and in all sectors of our lives. The law of change is always working, but in what direction are we going? That depends on what we are doing now. So nothing is static, though we may think it is because it moves so slowly. The transformation I desire will emerge not from what I am saying today but from what I am actually doing today. Only if my words and actions are authentic will they lead me towards what I profess. If I carry any resistance to my action within myself, even unconsciously,  that resistance will manifest in the future, and I will unwittingly sabotage the transformation I seek.

People speak about our oneness, peace, love, all the good things. However, when things do not go “our” way that language tends to disappear. We cannot just talk, we have to walk. This means we must let go of our own limited sight and resistance to reality. We cannot superimpose Absolute Reality on relative reality.

We cannot let go of something we deny having or fail to see that we have. Herein lies our dilemma. If we do not acknowledge that we contain all qualities, we unwittingly create the negative or opposite of the peace and love we proclaim. We cannot walk on one foot forever. We have the other foot. To change ourselves or anything else, we must own, master and transcend both positive and negative. Then we are in fact walking the walk and not just talking.

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