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Today is Gurupurnima, the Guru’s Full Moon. Everyday I bow down in deep appreciation for my Guru, Swami Muktananda, and all that he gave and continues to give me. The Guru is said to not be a person, body or a personality, but manifests in a being that has purified himself/herself and has then become one with his Guru and God. Muktananda was such a being.

When I went to Baba the first time I realized, through experience, that he had what I was looking for. Through that experience I knew he embodied what I wanted to know. After that, I began the process of becoming one pointed on my Guru. I loved and love Baba with all my heart and soul. People think that a person following a Guru loses their freedom. From surrendering to Baba I actually got my freedom for the first time in my life. Looking in from the outside it may appear that I had ‘no say’. But Baba wanted what was truly best for me; he taught me how to discern that for myself. Baba taught me how to truly listen to me. He freed me from the tyranny of my small self.

Now my job is to continue to listen and obey. By obeying my Guru I continue to awaken from my sleep and remember my true nature which is Love. I continue to practice. And the practice is there for each of us. Thank you, Baba for showing me the way. Thank you for being with me, teaching me, and putting up with me. I bow to you today and always.

Jai Gurudev!

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