The Love Machine Part Two….

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How we resolve the love machine:

The love machine only keeps running because we fuel and maintain it. We even make sure to fix it when it breaks down. Any time the machine breaks down, we are given an opening, a wonderful opportunity—but we don’t take advantage of it; we don’t recognize the experience of actual love, and we reject it. Instead, we see ourselves as having lost, or gone weak, when in fact we have a chance to be equal with everyone else. Rather than expand the opening and go into the Heart, we desperately work to fix the machine.

One of the most important ways we keep the machine running is by fighting it. It’s usual to believe that if we don’t fight the system, it will take over, but it totally takes over if we fight it, because then we are one-pointed on it. We hold on to something by fighting it; the one who fights is the one that feeds it. That voice is part of the system. If you want to stop keeping the system, you have to stop fighting it. You cannot move forward until you do this.

Remember, though, that not fighting does not mean letting the vibration take over and swimming in it. Neither does it mean thinking the small self is bad—who is thinking that, anyway? The small self is a vehicle we need to function in the world; not the small self, but our wrong identification with the small self, is the problem. And you can’t just decide you’re not your small self anymore, because the one making that decision is the small self. Though the small self can be a subject, we are sometimes aware that it is also an object, a vehicle. We have to do the work of consciously disentangling from the vehicle. The true Self is never an object; it is pure Subject.

Once you’ve stopped fighting, you can recognize the “love” vibration for what it actually is, and call it by its real name. When we face our delusions, we shine a light on them that allows us to see them clearly.

Next, accept the feeling and know that you work to feel it all the time. This first acceptance is really just intellectual. Emotionally, you still believe love and all relations and relationships are based on your “love” vibration. Let yourself have the “love” you have always aspired for.

Everyone wants the fast train to resolution. Forget that, unless you are willing to completely surrender, and stay surrendered. Otherwise, just accept that you can’t and won’t accept. What can you do to move? Accept that you do not want to accept. “I can’t, I won’t, and you can’t make me” is the litany of the small self. By accepting, we stop punishing our own Heart.

Then, be with the experience, for however long it takes to get to a place of total acceptance. Once you have fully been with it and accepted it as what you want, you can begin to let it go. You have to be willing to give up your “love”, without knowing what will happen. The belief is, “If I give up my ‘love’ vibration, no one will ever love me or want to be with me ever again”. We believe that if we don’t maintain the system, we will die. Though this is a complete delusion, you will find that you are committed to it. You have to be willing to have nothing rather than your system. Until we fully accept this, we will at best only oscillate between moments of acceptance and eons of maintaining the system.

It is not that there are no more situations encouraging your vibration and that you no longer feel it. It is that you are not looking to create or maintain those situations so you can feel your vibration “makes sense”.

Only then can you still your “love” vibration, and uncover that true Love was always there, hidden beneath the distortions. We now rest in our true Self, in the Heart, where love is Love.


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