Honoring Baba with the Guru’s Words….

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There is no better expression of gratitude than to live the Guru’s words.

Muktananda says:

The world is an extraordinary drama. The Shiva Sutras say, nartaka ātmā—“The Self is an actor.” The world is God’s theater, God’s play, and the sport God has created for His own pleasure. A person who understands this understands everything. For him there is no room for duality or enmity and no reason for hatred. Any form of duality is merely ignorance, the gift of the great maya and the friend of the god of death. (The Perfect Relationship 66)

There is something that you should remember: A person who becomes aware of his own ignorance is drawn to the Guru’s feet, but the pride of knowledge gleaned from dry books leads one to look for scriptures rather than for a Guru. Although the scriptures emphasize surrender, vows, and discipline, they are lifeless, so one does not really have to surrender to them; one can interpret them in any way one likes. But one cannot interpret the Guru. You may change the scriptures, but the Guru will certainly change you. He will begin by awakening you, by telling you that you have forgotten your own Self. Lacking knowledge of your Self, you are deep in the sleep of ignorance. The Guru will open your eyes to your darkness, ignorance, and forgetfulness. Only after knowing darkness is it possible to find light. Only one who falls can get up. Unless a seeker knows what it is to fall down, it is difficult for him to rise. After the Guru has made you aware of your condition, he will give you the vision of your own Self. (The Perfect Relationship 67)

It is difficult to attain the true state of meditation; the fact is that you reach that state only when you are completely prepared to erase yourself. Meditation first obliterates you; it kills you. But do not be afraid—meditation is not a murderer or a butcher or a violent assailant. The words of a saint will help you to understand this…“When I realized the Pure, I became pure. My ego was no more. I myself became God.” When the saint discovered oneness, he merged into everything. When his ego was annihilated, he himself became God. This is very mysterious. To die while still living is to become deathless and immortal. Many people fear death, but in this sort of death the individual soul becomes Shiva. It is not a literal death: Meditation simply erases one’s small self and thus makes one God while one is still alive. (The Perfect Relationship 77-8)

Love is the supreme attainment. Without love, everything is useless. The world manifests through the power of God’s love, it is sustained by love, and it will ultimately merge into love. That love throbs within us at all times. (Secret of the Siddhas 38)

Jñaneshwar says:

There is none other beside Thee in the whole world; but see our fate, that we imagined ourselves existing [apart from Thee].
Filled with pride in my personality I thought that I was Arjuna in this world and said that the Kauravas were my relatives….
In this way, in an excess of egotism, I had leapt into the waters of self-will. It is well that Thou wert near, otherwise who would have saved me?
I, being no one, thought I was a person and called those my relatives who in reality did not exist. Though hast saved me from this great madness. (Jñaneshwari XI.50-59)

On this day, the lunar Mahasamādhi of my Guru Swami Muktananda, I pranam at his feet.


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