When Are We Responsible?….

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What would happen if God decided He wanted to no longer be responsible? What would happen if God decided He wanted to be selfish instead of Selfish? Who would He be? He would be us.

That is how we got here; did you forget? For God to not be responsible He has to limit Himself and pretend nothing He does impacts on Him or others. He has to believe that others are not Him, that He is not whole. He has to think of Himself as separate, imperfect and the doer in limitation. He is then us.

It seems absurd, and yet this is how we play. We are One with everyone—on our terms. We are responsible when being responsible looks good and is easy. When All is working out for us, that is when we decide we are in charge and responsible. As soon our life is not “the way we wanted it to be”, we are blameless. We are victims. It’s not our fault. All of a sudden we have no say, no choice, no responsibility for whatever is happening. Others did this or God did it, but not us. We are spiritual and doing sadhana as long as it suits our worldview and our needs.

Thank God, God does not play according to these rules. Yes, God is everywhere, but we do not know it. We may think it, believe it, but we do not experience or live it. From the standpoint of the Absolute, God is All and responsible for All. But because we live in relative reality, we cannot see the greater Reality. We are in truth the many from the One. If we actually worked and did sadhana, then we would see the Absolute underlying the relative. But we tend to be so in love with ourselves and the diverse we are blind to Reality. We say, “It’s not my fault, I am human”. The truth is, “Yes it is my fault, I am human.” We are responsible for ourselves and each other.

How do we evolve back to being responsible and in harmony with God? We have to evolve from Inertia to Activity to Calm. These are the three principles of which everything is made. Everything is a combination of these three vibrations, including us.

We begin as inert: dull, and with nothing to offer except reckless apathy. When we are here, we are definitely not responsible for anything. All cause is outside. God is only outside. We are ignorant and believe we are smarter and clearer than anyone else. We barely impact the world in any way other than contributing resistance.

If we work at least some on becoming educated, if nothing else in order to have a job of some sort, we then begin to move toward activity. The problem here is that our activity is still colored by inertia, so we muddle through life not taking responsibility for anything.

As we let go and move forward, Activity becomes predominant. We run after the world outside ourselves. This process only brings us pain, and we refuse to acknowledge that we have any choice.

Only after we have disciplined our individuality and directed our attention inward does any possibility of real change occur. Turning inward and being responsible for all that occurs for us brings us to both peace and empowerment. We are now using Activity in combination with Calm. When this happens, we are bright and clear, and can see the approach we need to take in any situation.

We are now in harmony with the One. We are working toward a universal responsibility. With Calm the principle vibration, we are now clear that we are responsible for everything and everyone. We do not run from our job. It is here we contribute to the relative reality from the place of the Absolute. We have our attention on the Absolute in our own Hearts, and we do not run away. There is no place to run. We know who we are, and are with God.







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