What Unity Means….

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We are all the philosophies and all the religions.

We are all Muslim. We are all Sunni. We are all Shia.

We are all Christian. We are all Orthodox Christian. We are all Roman Catholic. Baptist. Methodist. Episcopal. Presbyterian. Lutheran. Congregationalist. Unitarian. Mormon. Adventist.

We are all Jews. Reformed. Conservative. Reconstructionist. Orthodox. Hasidic.

We are all Taoist. We are all Buddhist and all the sects of Buddhism. We are all Shinto.

We are all the traditions that fall under the name of Hinduism. We are all Jain. We are all Sikh. We are all Zoroastrian. We are all Santería. We are all animist. To name a few of the many.

We are all nationalities and geographic origins. American. European. African. Asian. Australian. Islander. Israeli. Palestinian. Serbian. Croatian. Bosnian. Cuban. Irish. Canadian. To name a few of the many.

We are all ethnic groups. We are all races. Unfortunately, we race for superiority. And that is the joke.

What truly makes us special is the Heart, where we are all the same. We are all equal in Absolute Reality. In our ignorance, we cling to relative reality in order to be special.

Baba used to tell us the story of the Lords’ Club. He would tell us this story over and over.

The only people who could be in this club were lords. And yet, in order to run the club people had to do different jobs. So someone had to be the doorman, someone had to be the president, someone had to be the cook, someone had to be the janitor. But all the members were lords. So what they would do is draw lots by week for positions. So each week somebody else was the cook, somebody else was the president, somebody else was the janitor, somebody else performed whatever role.

And nobody treated anybody differently; everyone was treated with respect, because everybody was a lord, and everybody knew that everybody was a lord.

And in Truth, that’s what we are. We are the Lords’ Club. Everyone is a lord. Everyone: no matter who they are, no matter where they live, no matter what the color of their skin, no matter what nationality, no matter what socioeconomic status, is a lord.

And yet we do not treat each other with that respect. And we’re all determined to climb up some ridiculous ladder of power and control. None of us gets love as long as we do that. Only by surrendering to God and resting in the Heart, where we’re all equal, do we know Love.

I want us to work to let go of all that keeps us different and special. This doesn’t mean we then change the color of our skin or adopt different nationalities so we can all be the same. No: we don’t pretend we’re all the same. We all know we’re all different. But our job is not to be attached and identified with difference of any kind.

So we all play our various parts. That’s important. But we’re not to be attached to our part, not be identified with any aspect of it and say, “This is what makes me, me.” It doesn’t.

I want us all to work to still, and to liberate ourselves from the false identities that keep us from contributing Love, living in Bliss, and knowing the Real.


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