What Love Is….

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Love is our nature. There is no object for this Love. We live in Love when we KNOW that all is us and we experience no difference from anything. We are no longer separate: all is perfect, all is one, and we perform all actions.

Everything comes from Love and is Love. Once we lose our wrong understanding, we know that all is Love. Our wrong understanding is that we do not know who we are. We believe we are what we think and feel, and that is not who we are. We cannot know who we are until we are who we are. We do this by giving up our individuality; then we know all is perfect because there is nothing that is not Love. We are the con of consciousness and then we become the sciousness. We move from individual with wrong understanding to Shakti to Shiva. We move from character to lover to Love itself.

Does God love creation? Absolutely. So God creates both loving and objects to love. We then turn around and re-enact this by trying to love God. We cannot love God until we become God. We have to sacrifice ourselves in the fire of purgation, which is the fire of Love, to then emerge as Love. God always Loves; that is God’s nature. All is the same, all is love. So we have to give up our limited creation, to which we are so devoted, in order to return to who we really are. This is what God asked of Jesus in Gethsemane and of every other great being, and what God continues to ask of each of us. Yet our shrunken selves refuse, and remain devoted to our wrong understanding.

Our first step is right listening. If we will not obey our outer teachers, we will not have a chance with our inner teacher, the Guru. If we think, then we are not listening. If we feel, then we are not listening. Go inward, beyond the mind, to where God and Guru speak. Then you will begin to recognize our true nature—Love.


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