What does it really mean to own something?….

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What does it really mean to own something?

Are you thinking and reasoning or allowing yourself to be with your experience? Dissociating does not mean you are neutral. It is not rational. Do not intellectualize your experience. The Vijnanabhairava tells us we have to go back to the source. When we go toward the source we will experience Love and then realize that our twisted love was its manifestation. Do you learn from your experience? What do you learn? We can learn to dissociate or we can take things to Heart.

Choices when something arises:

  1. Learn not to face anything.  Denial.  You’re miserable and don’t know it.
  2. See where your attachments are and do nothing.  Therapy.  You know you are miserable.
  3. Face your attachments and free yourself from them.  You free yourself from misery.

In order to burn up karma, we have to face reality and feel it. Remorse and repentance are required.

Remember:  Love enlivens and informs everything, even delusion.

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