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Misery loves company. That saying is thrown around like a trite and empty truism. But if we actually look at this phrase, actually feel this phrase, the truth and the sadness of it becomes evident.

Have you wondered why the phrase “Love loves company” does not have the same truth or reality? After so many years of peddling the removal of pain and the pursuing of Love and God I am finally coming to understand why so few are interested in my product.

Misery loves company. People are more interested in maintaining their connectedness through misery than in freeing themselves and being with God.

God is One. God requires complete surrender. It is either God or the individual. Very few people actually want that. God demands too much to be with God. God just does not appreciate how hard it is. If God would lighten up a little, then maybe God would be an option. But just Love? Just God? Too limiting.

Misery is easy, and readily available. Without our turning inward, without even a lick of discipline, misery is there for us. So easy. So comfortable. Shared misery is what brings us together and what keeps us together. When confronted with the unacceptable prospect of Love, people will work resolutely to maintain their misery.

So here I am in the business of taking away people’s pain. How stupid, how naïve. I offer a product few people want. When people actually buy my offering they then either deny that they got it or at best hide it away as a guilty pleasure.

Baba used to say “If you see me as a clown then I am a clown”. Through the years, I have pondered this and never quite understood what he was saying. How could anyone see him other than as I saw him, a self-realized being living and teaching all of us the way back to God?  In my naivety, I believed everyone saw what I saw and wanted what I wanted.

Baba removed my pain, and as he did that he taught me how to do it for myself. Baba wanted us to be free, not dependent on him. When he left his body, I struggled because I loved him so much and missed him. I felt he had left me; but he had not. He gave me the way out of pain and inward to God. Every day, as I remove the next vibration of pain and move further on the path, Baba is with me, encouraging me to practice.

I approached teaching with that same naivety, believing that everyone wants the removal of pain that comes as we walk Home to God. Most people don’t want their pain taken away; they come to me to challenge themselves and see if they can win by maintaining their misery and sense of self. Resistance is the characteristic that these people work to nurture. They have eyes only for power and control, not love. Maintaining their misery is the goal. I am circus act, a carnival game that allows people to test their sense of self. People want to win the stuffed animal and go home feeling secure in their accomplishment.

So for the few that want their pain actually removed: Love loves company.




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