Watching and Waiting….

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Is God everywhere or only where we want Him to be?

Our flight back to Baltimore was supposed to leave at 4:30, getting us back to Baltimore by 7:30. Here it is 7:00, and we have not moved other than from gate B1 to gate B9. We have been texted that the flight was leaving at 7:40 then 6:30 then 6:10 then 7:30. Now we are waiting until 7:30 when they will update us as to when or whether we are leaving this evening.

There is chaos here with so many people not knowing what is happening. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. We are all waiting for the Groom, yet He does not arrive.

Are we ready? When He comes will we be vigilant and not lose our focus? Will we hear when He comes or will we be distracted and miss our flight? There have been many last calls for this person or that person because their flight is about to leave without them.

So we sit here. God Is here. Can we see Him? People tap on phones and iPads, distracted. People in their heads, wandering in all the stories that a novelist comes up with on an average day. There is nothing any of us can do. We are all practicing surrender. No choice.

Then the announcement that we are going to board. Cheers resound.

Once on the plane, we are seated and waiting again. Everyone anticipates takeoff. All looks good. There is sun. Still daylight. The captain tells us there are no problems. We wait. We wait. Then we get another announcement from the captain. Our flight has been assigned a different route. We do not have enough fuel to travel that route, so we are turning around and going back to the gate to get more. Now it is close to nine. It is hot on the plane, and we are all just waiting again. Will the Groom come? Did we miss Him?

Not yet. We are loading more fuel. When the bridesmaids left for fuel, they missed the Groom’s arrival. Will we miss our chance? Are we willing to be patient and move toward the goal no matter what? The weather has finally cleared out. We are hot and waiting. Children. Men. Women. Life. All waiting. New announcements. Time moves and we stand still. Patience. How will this play out? Will the Groom come and we, as bridesmaids, all be awake? Will some of us know? Will any of us know? Distractions accumulate, and we still wait.

What is the lesson? What is each of us to learn? What do we share? Humanity. God. Life. Love. Relative Reality and Absolute Reality. We all share whether we are aware of it or not.

Finally, so many hours later, we take flight. Tired and worn we all make it home.

The Groom is always here, and the wedding is always ready to happen, no matter where we are.

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