This week the practice moves through the emotions.

RohiniPractice Points

This week the practice moves through the emotions. Own all of them by truly accepting you have ALL emotions. We must break them down into subtle parts. We don’t just have anger; we have rage, irritation, agitation, or some other subset of anger. Our job is to know and recognize what our vehicles are doing. We practice by being with the emotion or feeling of the moment. Our attention is in the emotion in our Heart and we just sit with it. Then we can begin the practice of stilling these vibrations called emotions. Stilling can happen when we do not run from our internal experience, but remain with it and watch it disappear. This will occur either quickly or slowly. It does not matter. By practicing we are on the way, the timetable is not important. The process is freeing, so do not run from the practice of returning home to your true nature.


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