The Vibration of the World….

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For the last three years I have been warning everyone that we are heading toward a time of fear, anger and hate. We are here.

The way out for us is to see the composite vibration of fear, anger and hate within ourselves and understand how it runs our life. Then we are to be with that vibration, let whatever comes up from that vibration come up and function appropriately on the physical plane by discerning from the Heart, not the head.

Each of us is going to react differently to the vibration of fear, anger, and hate. We act based on our unconscious system and believe we are right, because this is how we have reacted to that vibration in the past. We believe we are only responding correctly to the outside environment, which we wrongly believe is the source of the problem. The real source of the problem is our own internal vibration; we are both the problem and the solution. The outside environment is only a trigger for what we have within ourselves. If we have stilled our inner vibrations, then when a prior trigger reappears, we do not take the bait.

The way out is to get off the grid completely; then we are no longer being run by the vibration of the world. Unless we free ourselves in this way, we are contributing to the global vibration of fear, anger, and hate. By working with the three fourchotomies below, owning and accepting all four qualities in each fourchotomy, we can get off the grid.


Fearful Courageous
Cautious Reckless


Angry At peace
Invigorated Inert


Hateful Full of love
Powerful Weak


Unfortunately, we want to fit in, and fitting in these days means manifesting fear, anger and hate. This is true even of people who say they are acting out of love; if we really feel where they are, we will find a thin film of love and positivity covering a stew of fear, anger and hate. These people are not acting out of Love but reacting against that stew. But the stew is still in charge. People who react against it are mired in the stew and have no recognition of what they are doing. They are like fish unaware of the water they swim in.

Our responsibility is to re-cognize the vibration and own it by being with it—not running away or clamping it down or numbing it. Those strategies only feed the vibration. Unless we are willing to be with it, it will not go away.

This is the job of every human being, but not everyone realizes it. Now we are having a great opportunity to see the vibrations, because they are all too apparent. And if we can see them, we can dissolve them.

The only solution is to stop focusing so much on what everyone is doing or failing to do and instead turn inward and face our own vibrations. We must solve, and resolve, our interior before setting out to repair the outside world. We must ground ourselves in Love—not a counterfeit “love” that is only the opposite of hate, but the Love that is the bottom line of all that exists.



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