The Delusion of Ownership as Love….

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Ownership is called love.

Therefore, objectifying is love.

Therefore, love is essentially pornographic.

Therefore, power is love.

Love is therefore the pleasure of possession and control.

To own and feel the pleasure of ownership is to love.

To be owned is to be loved.

Therefore, the beloved’s obligation is to be always willing to be an object, to have no say, to be compliant, so as to be always loved.

The owner/lover’s responsibility is to make all the decisions and keep the beloved object safe.

If that is true, then I am perfectly happy not to be loved.


Owned (Possessed and controlled) Free (Able to be and express self)
Cared for (Supported and respected) Unloved (Unacknowledged and unsupported for who and how you are)

Many people do not even consider what “cared for” and “free” look like. People tend to conflate “cared for” with “owned” and “free” with “unloved”. So if we are owned, then we will be cared for. And if we are free, we will be unloved. Within this system, the only way to be “loved” is to be owned and never free.

The shrunken self is made up of dichotomies, and therefore it is made up of dialectic. One voice in our mind says “I own you”, and another says “I am owned”. We delude ourselves into thinking that one of the voices in this particular dialectic is who we are, we don’t question who the other voice is. We believe they are two different speakers, but really there is only one. Confined within this dialogue, we selfishly sleepwalk through life.

The shrunken self, which is a vastly diminished manifestation of God, has all the qualities and activities of God, but in a shrunken form. In truth, God possesses all through Love; the shrunken self owns and calls that ownership care. God liberates us through grace; the shrunken self thinks it liberates us through individuation and spurs us to individuate—which separates us further from who we truly are. We become small and petty, thinking we are free when in fact we are unloved in the world and unloved by ourselves. False identity individuates us. To recover our true nature, we have to give up our identification with that individuality.

God Loves, we own. God liberates, we abandon.


Owns Liberates
Loves Abandons


We are to live our little lives knowing that God is everywhere in them. It is not our lives that are great; it is God enlivening our lives that makes them and us great. Our mission is that Love is to inform everything we are and do. Then, and only then, will our lives be genuinely full and vital.









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