Talking, Doing, Being….

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Idealists are idealized, and there is little people will say against them. We tend not to argue with them; most of the time they are right. Other names for idealists are visionaries, idea people, intellectuals, and talkers. Many of these people believe talking and sharing ideas are at a higher level than doing, and think their job is done when they have expressed their ideas. When this is the case, idealists need others to put their ideas into action.

Doers: these are the people who are vital and yet in many ways invisible. These people of action are seen as lesser than the idealists; yet without them ideas do not manifest. Doers tend to rely on visionaries to guide their activity. But without discernment they may follow the wrong ideas and the wrong idealist. The discerning doer will see clearly and bring into action the ideas of a clear and appropriate thinker. The inert actor will act blindly, motivated by ignorance. The passionate actor will just act, and his actions will be dark or clear according to his internal state at the moment.

Some people have within them the ability to use both the power to think and the power to act. If they know their own capacities, they can function well on the physical plane. But there is another level of action, and it is only available to people who have mastered and are no longer attached to any of their abilities. These people appreciate and know their own capacity for both word and deed, but they are not identified with those skills. These people live in the center of Being, where all else is a vehicle enlivened by Being. So whether they are thinking, talking or acting, they are first being, and everything evolves consciously from being.

This is not an idea, this is a reality. This is actual living in the Center of Being. We can go there, live there, and act and function from there. In order to do this, we have to examine all our ideas and discern which are valid and which are just nice ideas. We have to face where we are—not as a concept, but as a reality. There can be no mixing Absolute Truth with relative reality. If we all lived in Absolute Reality and imbibed that Truth, then there would be no need to journey home. There would be no need for this blog. There would be no need to practice.

The reality is that we inhabit relative reality to learn what we each need to learn. Each of us has a different path in life because we have different lessons to learn. Once we face this truth within ourselves and accept it, along with all the pain of having been out of alignment, we can then actually do the work of going Home to who we truly are. Again, only if this is more than a great idea will it lead us into action to go Home. The action is not easy. It is not fun much of the time. It forces us to see the horror of what we have done and what we do. This action also brings us to love and joy. There is so much relief when we surrender to reality and Reality.

What do you then think and do in order to be? Right now, redirect your attention into the center of your chest; doing this will lead you inward to the Heart. Then keep your attention there and dig in, going deeper and mining what you find there. Mining means actually facing, and owning, mastering and transcending what comes up from the Heart. You actually have to burn and dissolve all that has cloaked your Love and covered who you are. You will then be centered in who you are, not who you thought you were. These are not concepts; they are actually practices, real actions. We do them in order to BE.


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