Surrendering to Baba….

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Why do we seek great spiritual beings? Why are great spiritual beings here? What do great spiritual beings offer? The answers to these questions come from my experience with a great spiritual being, Swami Muktananda.

Within each of us is the longing to be whole again. We all move unconsciously towards whatever will bring us to ourselves. We must, though, consciously seek a resolution to the question, where am I going?

A great spiritual being will answer not only that initial question but all our questions. What amazed me about Baba is that he was able to answer everyone’s question from their particular standpoint. Baba was so nonattached that the answers would come out fluid and perfect for each person. Baba was not rigid: the one rule was to be true from within. So outwardly the solution to any situation could and would change. We were not to be rigid; we were to learn to listen and be appropriate, just as Baba was.

The reason we seek great spiritual beings is that they have answered life’s questions and have come to the final experience of pure Love. When we are in their presence, we catch their bliss. It is contagious. We catch their Love and flow with them into the sweetness of the divine. In Baba’s presence, the waves of Love would sweep over us and we would swim with Baba in the divine blue shakti.

Baba was here to share and teach us the Truth. He expressed the divine in all that he did, because there was nothing in Baba that was not God’s. So when he walked, talked, ate, chanted, yelled, laughed, or sat quietly, the divine was always being expressed. For Baba there was no individual, there was just God.

This Love is everyone’s birthright, and Baba embodied it. That was why he was here: to direct us to us, just as his Baba had directed him. Baba wanted us to be just like him. And the more we surrendered, the happier we were, and therefore the happier Baba was—if that was even possible.

Baba was the most human person I ever met. Baba made me human and removed my idea of “normal”. Baba cleared away what we bring to the table, that which makes us miserable individuals. He wiped clear our “normal” to make us actually human.

Many people liked the experience they had around Baba but were determined to remain “normal”. They resisted surrendering to the Guru, and so could not receive what Baba had to offer us. He offered us Joy, Peace, Love, Truth and the release from ignorance. People did not want to let go of what they thought they were. And so they remained miserable, despite having been shown the solution to all misery.

Do you want to be human or “normal”? When we have given up “normal” and surrendered to God and Guru, the “normal” individual does not get in the way of our lives.

Baba gave us true autonomy. He did not want us to be dependent; he wanted each of us to be free. Baba swam in the bliss of divine Love, and that was his legacy. Even today, anyone who focuses on Muktananda and surrenders to the Guru will come to the Bliss of freedom.

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