Skipping the First Step….

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Everything and everyone is perfect. If we are to use this belief as fact, which is what is implied by the people out there saying, “You are perfect just the way you are”, then we need to be consistent. The murderer is perfect. The cruel person is perfect. It is all perfect. Everything is perfect.

But usually these shouters of truisms will be the judges of where and when everything is perfect. They are perfect, and anything they deem perfect is perfect. The Truly Perfect, the Self of All—which, to them, has nothing to do with their identities or pronouncements—doesn’t factor into their judgments. When these people are tested by the Truly Perfect, they tend to decide that the “wrong”, hurtful and mean are not perfect. The Absolute, God, is then “perfect” everywhere and in every way—except where and when they decide.

We cannot have it both ways. We can try every mental move possible, but we will not be able to be happy or in harmony. Frustration with life’s refusal to conform to our “good and perfect” plans will always be coloring our perfect perfection.

So in order to be true to the Self, we have to first be true to our small self. We have to start where we are, just as we are. The small self is not who we really are; it is the vehicle through which we manifest. We use it, it is not us. We defend it when we identify with it or at the very least are attached. So relax and look at it clearly; there is no need to defend it. The small self is not you.

But when we do something wrong…then what? If we do something bad then we are bad. We cannot accept that. “I cannot accept that I am bad because then I will be bad”. In order to maintain our idea of perfection we will have to blame the outside. We will have to blame others. We are good, it was not our fault. So are the others not as perfect as you? If you are perfect, then so is everyone else. You made a mistake. You did something wrong. Admit it, learn from it, and move on.

Everyone wants to skip this first step and move on to being Perfect Bliss.

If you are perfect just the way you are, then you are perfect being bad, wrong, mean, cruel, good, right, kind, and any other adjective. Stop filtering, denying, and not accepting things just the way they are. We cannot move until we assess and accept where we are with no judgment, just fact.

People who say that they cannot accept that they are bad or stupid or whatever are missing out on tremendous joy and relief. The freedom that comes from this acceptance is amazing. We are then able to choose our actions and not delude ourselves. There is not a person who has accepted all of themselves who has not also had this experience of relief and usually great laughter. Our attachment to our ideas is what makes this acceptance so difficult, and not the fun it actually is.

So if you want to move in your sādhana, you have to stop skipping the first step. We cannot move until we first accept where we are. That means we have to assess clearly and not pretend to be somewhere we are not. So what? We are all stupid. We are all smart. We are all learners. We are all know-it-alls.

Get over your small self. We are playing God, and we all think our creation is the best. It is perfect. We look at each others’ small selves and see so clearly what someone else is doing. We need to accept what we do and where we are.

Stop skipping the first step: “Be with your experience whatever it is”. The way we skip is by judging our experience and then working to ignore or erase it. We tell ourselves a story.

When we allow ourselves to be with our experience whatever it is, let whatever comes up come up, and function appropriately on the physical plane, then we can begin to laugh at our ridiculousness. We can see our delusion, and the light begins to shine. We then can all share in the joy and love of who we really are. We can disentangle from who we are not and we can shine forth.

We are all. ALL.







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