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do i want                       to hate forever
eating          me                                     inside

           born                     black in america
to feel the
                                pain and
                                                   suffering of hate

the color                of                                                   my skin
is                             not                                                          the issue
                                but the                             hate is
other                                         places

                    particulars of
                                                                         various kinds
                                       cause fuel for
                                                                                              hurt and pain

born                                                       somewhere else
                    my skin fits
                                                                          in and no longer the
                    my skin is not
                                                                                            temporary covering
i love                                     this vehicle
but i                     am not
                  my vehicle
         can not                 take it
                                                                             with me

too soon               to
                                       distance                       must
         first wail               the
                                                               call of so many

                                       insight yes     
                                                                                                empathy not yet

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