Settling into Unsettled….

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From the standpoint of relative reality, everything is unsettled. Even when good things occur, everything is unsettled. The world definitely is unsettled. And the news media and entertainment industry stake everything on keeping everyone unsettled. When there is a crisis, it rises to our attention, then settles down. The truth is, the crisis has not settled; we have grown bored and the media has removed it from the ticker. Ebola has not gone away—many are suffering in Sierra Leone and elsewhere—but we here in the US got annoyed with Ebola, we removed it from our consciousness. Winter is coming in Gaza and people’s houses are still in ruins from the war, but there is another topic off the list.

Why do things disappear from our consciousness? Because if we were to stay with them and confront the problems head-on, we may have to face our own responsibility. So we have hit and run crises. That’s much easier: it’s sort of like a movie or a television show. Two hours are quite enough, now we can move on. So though everything is unsettled, do we really want to be settled?

We troll relative reality for peace. Right now we have to go far and wide for that, so we then settle for distraction. Last week I wrote about being a hermit crab without a shell. Well, two weeks have gone by and still no shell. I have used the very tools I teach, which I learned from Baba, and they have worked well.

The shakti has grabbed me these two weeks. I could have fought it and tried to “live my life”, or I could have surrendered to what was. I surrendered: without distractions, barely functioning and very uncomfortable at times. Unsettled. Internal and external kriyas. Could not eat. Weak. I knew I could not do this alone, so I asked for help. From the UK to California, friends and Guru brothers and sisters helped with support and suggestions on how to cool down, knowing that Baba was with each of us. I had had a dream of Baba on the full moon when all this started.

If I just kept going inward, there would be peace. When I would come out for a little bit, the shakti would not like it and would call me, pull me in. I had to remove resistance of any kind, empty everything out, and then I would settle. The shakti washed through me, removing any obstruction so that there was nothing to interfere with it. My body was continuous with the rest of relative reality. Absolute Reality, where Being resides, permeated everything.

I had no control over the shakti; it is always the boss. My job, as it is for all of us, is to obey. We need to be willing to listen and discern our course. And if we misread, we will find out rather quickly. If we go out when we should be going in, our lives will be more miserable than we can imagine.

Any vibration, whatever it is, obscures who we really are. No matter how uncomfortable, if we can steadily be with our vibrations, we will find them dissolving into the Love that has been hidden. Even if the world around us is unsettled, we then rest in our true nature.

If we practice, the shakti will guide us and will remove our individuality. The Guru will take us out of relative reality and return us to the Absolute. Be ready, be strong. Be not afraid, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Rest in the awareness of the Self, the Guru and God. We can remain silent and in awe at the center while everything around us is unsettled, and also totally perfect.


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