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Resources. What are they? Resources are people and materials that aid us in our lives. These resources can be within us or outside us. We should know what they are and use them wisely. Our resources should be looked on as gifts. Do not waste or disrespect your resources, because if you do they may run dry, and you are then left empty.

None of us is alone, though we may believe that to be true. When we decide to be alone and lonely, the world becomes a reflection, and sure enough no one and no thing will be there for us. The truth is, our resources are there but become hidden when we reject life. Yes, we are the ones that reject, not the other way around. All are resources, waiting to be asked, summoned, called upon. Our resources want to help, want to assist, want to make it easier for us, want to be something we integrate into our lives.

Let us now name some resources available to us. First, we need to be able to laugh as a resource. Laughter serves a great function. Through laughter and humor we can separate and distance ourselves from something that has bothered us, something about ourselves or others. The joker in the king’s court would make people see truths through humor, so that, though things might hurt, people would be able to laugh at a situation or person or themselves. For the ones who could not laugh, life did not go very well. Without laughter and a sense of humor we remain attached and identified with something that is not us.

This brings us to the Foursquare personality game (see chapter seven of my book Walking Home with Baba). When we use this correctly and truly listen to our answers all the qualities in our game become neutral. We then feel light and are not attached to any of the qualities no matter how ‘good’ they may be.

If we cannot be clear enough to hear our true answers with the Foursquare game, then we should use the Seed tool (see chapter five of my book Walking Home with Baba) to trace our vibrations back to finally resolve.

Meditation is a great resource when properly used. The purpose of meditation is like that of what happens in a laboratory. We have eliminated the outward variables, and then work to still the inward distractions. All vibrations are to be stilled, so that who we truly are can shine forth.  This practice is not easy.

We need to acquire discipline and rigor in order to use these other resources. So discipline and rigor become great resources for our use in and of themselves. As we grow, we see how important discipline is.

Many people use mantra as a way to override their thoughts. This use can aid a person but tends to cause a fight between our thought forms and the mantra we are using. Mantra is a good resource when coordinated with our breath. Also we need to grasp the meaning of the mantra, so that we put in deep feeling and understanding when we repeat it.

This brings us to the resource of study and reflection to acquire context and vocabulary. When we apply ourselves to study and reflection, we become conscious. Consciousness shines a light, and as we study and reflect we are able to grasp things on deeper levels and express that understanding through language.

Listening to talks again through audio and video helps us to reinforce our understanding. Many times during a class we may experience something and then not be able to remember what was said because we were listening from a deeper place and our intellect did not comprehend consciously. So reading, listening, and also watching again help us further our practice. This way we are sharing within ourselves and integrating our knowledge.

Sharing is another important tool. Community supports and helps us reflect. Community is here for each of us—teaching us lessons, educating us and moving us toward liberation. Community shows us what we need to do; it guides us whether we are open or not. If we relate by fight-flight or appease-doormat, if we only have one function button, then we are in trouble. We are not using our resource of community to aid us.

Now, as always, is the time to stop the fight and laugh. Go ahead, use the resource: laugh at and with yourself.

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  1. Just a quick comment on the choice of resources. This was a wonderful post, but some resources can have a destructive “flip side”. The best example is community, which can be the most wonderful resource, unless of course the community is one that consists of superficial and outwardly directed people. Then the community can pretend to be helpful but actually be destructive. Similarly, the resource of laughter can be wonderful, but also can be destructive when the object of laughter is derision rather than true laughter.

    The main point is, that one must be careful when using resources, they have to be true resources that are there to help, not selfish. Saul

    1. Post

      Good point. Discernment is an important tool when seeking resources. The very use of the word ‘resource’ should not be used when community and laughter are in fact destructive.

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