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A leader can be defined as someone who one or more people authorize to guide toward a particular goal. In this situation we may intellectually believe we share a common goal, and we even speak of this common goal; however, not until we start the process of leading and following do we actually see if we do have a common goal.

Many people believe that the person who demands the most attention is and should be the leader. The problem with that is that if all the person does is be the center of attention, then that is what ends up being the common goal. The followers will probably not have designated this as their goal. This form of leading or leadership is simply control. If the follower confronts or criticizes the leader, the leader is still in control. As long as anyone pays attention to the leader everyone unwittingly supports his goal of being the center of attention.

People who need to be the center of attention are the worst people to be leaders. They are not interested in any activity that would deprive them of the spotlight. All that the followers do is feed the small self of the leader. The leader is then able to say “I am leading you around,” and “If you do something for me, the leader, I am just getting my due. I am always the center of attention”.

A good leader who wants everyone’s well-being fulfilled does not necessarily have perfect followers. Sometimes the followers just want to be the center of attention and do not want what is best for them. A leader may have to say, for instance, “You and I had different goals for you. That is why you did not obey me. I wanted you to be happy, but you didn’t want to be happy”. The irony is, these followers just want to be in charge. When these situations occur, everyone is frustrated.

Whether the leader or the follower, the small self that has to be the center of attention is weak and therefore will not let go. The person is not healthily self-contained. Because of this, no matter how much we discuss concepts, intellectual ideas and goals we are going nowhere with them. The goal will always end up being the same: someone is the center of attention. Also this person, whose small self cannot handle not being the center of attention, can easily be manipulated. They can purposely be given tremendous attention and then maneuvered. It is not until we give up our need to be the center of attention that we can actually be of help to others and ourselves; then we can lead toward the common good.

A true Guru will guide disciples through the journey from apprentice to master. That is the purpose of the Guru/disciple relationship. If the guru is not truly a Guru but only wants to be adored, then the disciples will always remain beneath the guru and will be told the guru has secrets that cannot be revealed. Only by focusing on him can you get anything; there is no other practice. This kind of guru will always be superior, and everybody is just to adore and admire him. Hopefully, the followers will wake up and then there will be a disagreement about the goals.

When we are in the Heart we are not the center of attention. No one is. And many people do not like this experience. People who do not have the strength to be equal will not like being in the Heart. For when we are in the Heart it is just us. There is no more me, no more I, just us. This is so important to grasp. A leader must have the strength to let go of their ego and not be the center of attention and look and act for the greater good.

If you are in the Heart, there is no “center of attention”. You are the Subject with no object. Everyone and everything is One.





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