Practicing for the Right Reasons….

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Are you practicing? No one has to know except you. Practice is done inside of you. What does it mean to practice? Being in the Heart. Staying in the Heart. Not straying. What do you do when going into the Heart is painful? You face the pain and burn it up. How do you burn up the pain? You burn up pain by being with your experience no matter what it is, letting whatever comes up come up no matter what the thought, and functioning appropriately on the physical plane. The pain will eventually dissolve.  If you do not do this, you get to keep the pain forever. How do you get to the sweet bliss in the Heart? You get to the Heart by burning up all obstacles that prevent you from being you.

Why are you practicing? Okay, really: why are you practicing? Do you want Love or power? If you want to be really powerful, then you have to give up yourself. If you want Love, then you have to give up yourself. Our small self cannot meet God. We have to leave in order for God to come.

If you think you can maintain yourself and be powerful, then you have no understanding. The only power you can have this way is petty and will disappear with one move. In order to have this shrunken power without Love, you have to have no core. Without a core, you will merely resonate with everyone else’s emotions and think you know both other people and yourself. If the goal of your practice is anything other than God and Love, then hopefully somewhere down the road you will see the error and make the proper correction.

How are you practicing? Good question. Are you surrendering to God in the truest sense, or are you surrendering to a nice idea you have manufactured and cultivated? As you practice, do you react and resonate to the world around you? If you do, then the outside is definitely in control and the world dictates your actions.

When are you practicing? Where are you practicing? Do you only practice in a prescribed place and time? Or do you practice all the time, in all places? When we are working intently, we need a place where the environment is conducive to turning inward. We need this especially at the beginning, because distractions take us off our purpose very easily. Gradually, we venture out into the world and practice no matter where we are or what we are doing. No one has to know we are practicing. If they are astute and also inwardly conscious, they may be aware, but because the practice is internal, unless you know, you will not know. So practice is to be done at all times and in all places.

Practicing all the time in all places, constantly redirecting your attention from the head into the Heart to draw nearer to God, will change our relationship with the world. We will have the distance to assess and then respond appropriately rather than reacting and resonating. Resonating and reacting to the world cause misery to us and those around us. When we resonate, we delude ourselves that we see clearly, but we are drowning in whatever feeling we are sharing with others. We may believe we are loving and sensitive when in fact we are unctuous or sentimental.

Do you want Love? Then practice.

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