Power Hungry, Powerful….

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When the motivation is Love with no twists and turns, then everyone is Loved. Then every action is for everyone’s good.

When we can tell the difference between Love and power, we can see that the Guru actually wants us not just to love, but to be Love. But as long as we are attached to and identified with the small self and resistant to Love, the true Guru will look the same as the false. We can’t see the difference because we cannot discern motivation.

The true Guru asks you to side against your wrong understanding and become true to yourself. That means you have to disregard your “normal”. “Normal” actions, “normal” relations, and “normal” motivations all have to be left behind. There has to be a completely new way of approaching everything in the world. When we approach the world in the same way the Guru does, everything is being approached from Love. Love opens us up to new solutions and resolutions, and expands our awareness, which is filled with possibilities. Truth expands and brings the possibility of joy for all. This will not be the case for people wed to their shrunken selves. They will be too busy pursuing power and calling it something else, such as “love” or “good”. The irony of power is that it brings shrunkenness and misery, not the greatness it seems to promise.

For all of us, we have to be willing to lose: to lose to the Truth, to Love, to the Guru, to God, to the Self. When we lose in this way, we actually win, and so do the people around us. When we lose in this way, we love and are loved. When we “win”, we create hurt, alienation, agitation, separateness, emptiness, irritation, superficiality, anger and hate. Others are hurt because our motivation is not resolution, it is unwittingly destruction.

The small self and you cannot coexist in harmony. The small self only brings misery; when you are identified with the small self, your idea of harmony is then misery. For you to be in harmony with God, with Love, you have to give up your attachment and commitment to the small self. For this work, you need the guidance of the Guru; the Guru shines a light on our delusions and attachments, and leads us to accept and transcend them.

When the Guru frees us, our lives will be turned upside down; because the Guru’s motivation is Love, the outcome is always freeing, whether or not the disciple sees it at first. Life will be better for the person, not more miserable. Externally, the situation may remain difficult, but the experience of those difficulties, and the reasons for them, change. However uncomfortable they may continue to be, these difficulties now serve to show us our remaining attachments and motivations, so we are now able to see that there are lessons to be learned. Through them, life is teaching us for our own good.

The Guru frees us to live a life filled with the many textures and layers available to all of us. We look at a scene and see the fullness and Love rather than the most superficial and empty elements. The hurt dissolves. We are Lovers, Loving the Real and knowing reality.




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