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All my years with Baba taught me to be true to my Self. The way to get there is to accept where we are now. And now. And now. That means giving up judgment, now. So many people say, “I am perfect just the way I am.” Yes, you are correct. You are perfect as a mean, kind, honest, insincere person.

We are perfect, and our shrunken selves are also “perfect”. But we need to assess them as they really are. “I am a good person” is a belief, and granted I sometimes or many times do good actions; but I am not good all the time. Also, not everyone will assess my “good” actions as good. So who I am is not “good”. Then I must be “bad”. But I do not always do “bad” deeds. So who I am cannot be “bad” either. So who is perfect, and what does perfect mean?

Here we need to be careful. My idea of myself is perfect for the part I am playing in the cosmic play, but I do not like the story and its actions all the time. I have to accept that perfect is perfect because life simply is.

Om poornamadah poornamidam

Poornaat poorna-mudachyate

Poornasya poorna-maadaaya


Om. That is perfect. This is perfect. From the perfect springs the perfect. If from the perfect the perfect is taken, the perfect remains.

Absolute and relative reality are both perfect, but when we live in relative reality it does not appear perfect because of our limited understanding. From the standpoint of Absolute reality everything actually is all perfect. All.

We live in relative reality as long as we have temporal vehicles. We are perfect, we just don’t know it consciously. We may know it intellectually. We may think this perfection with various phrases and sayings. We may even believe that everything is perfect. But until we have given up our attachment to our ideas of ourselves, no matter what that idea is, and have surrendered our individuality to the Absolute, we will not have a chance of consciously knowing our perfection.

Perfect Imperfect
Static Dynamic


In order to uncover our perfection as Reality we have to start where we are. If I believe I am perfect and you are not, then I am not where I say I am. To get to “everything is perfect”, I have to know how I am. I have to assess all my qualities and actions and call them what they are. Hence the foursquare. It is a great way to uncover all the aspects of my perfection. I am perfect and okay. I am static and okay. I am imperfect and okay. I am dynamic and okay. As we accept our placement moment to moment, we will see that what we thought was us is always changing. What we are identified with is not the Self but the ever-changing story we have created.

So as we start practicing, we begin to see that we are not happy, but we are perfect. How can I get to perfection as Love? To Absolute perfection even while living in this body and functioning in relative reality? By accepting the box I have created and called “me” and accepting that it makes choices based on its survival and not God’s will. Until we reach this acceptance, we are out of alignment with the Truth.

Sādhana begins with acceptance. Be with your experience, whatever it is. Let whatever comes up come up. And function appropriately.

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