Muktananda’s Gift….

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Baba infused each of us
          with his Shakti
    he got from Nityananda
         from God

Baba evolved out of his body
        shed the last limitation

 dispersed us as sprouted seeds
         out into the world

wherever we landed
we were to grow and
spread Baba’s Shakti

whether to one other
or many other
does not matter

we are all his instruments
         his proxy
according to our destiny

external manifestation
              from internal gestation

outer action informed
                                     by Baba within us

Baba spread to millions

he left

his destiny
         as Nityananda
his destiny
          as we do ours

the Self is all
     that matters

Baba left to spread
    us all to
                            the Self

our destiny
                  world’s destiny

we dance to His tune
when we listen
to Him

in order to
One dance

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