jump ship…

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        lode                          stone                        hero

                           hero                      ine

              in                        my                    mind


          all                         action                     for

                           my                   good

           weighing              others


     so          they               can’t               fly

              but       stay           with                me

                 supporting             my               happiness

                           in       misery

            eventually       they          jump

                over        board                               to

                          drown                 in

                    God’s         bliss

        in                  steady

                contra                                     diction

              of          their                        supporting

                    role          for                           me

          willing       to            just                  be

                with          all          climb                  into

                              the    boat

           willing      to           accept

                 whatever              seat                offered

        by         God

             so          that           we       all

                      fly            to           gether

                             in          Love

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