Human security….

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Human security starts within. The single greatest source of human insecurity is ignorance. Human security is the removal of ignorance; ignorance of who we and everyone truly are. You, the actor, are okay.  The character, the lower self, is in fear for its life.  To be truly secure you must let go of the character. That means not being identified with the role you are playing. We play our part, but we are not the part. So we can witness and see the choices we actually have.

The dialectic of ‘freedom from fear’ v. ‘freedom from want’ fails to take into account the internal experience of security.  If someone in a strife-torn region has internalized insecurity and has become identified with it, then improving their external circumstances will not remove their experience of insecurity, and they will then work, perhaps unconsciously, to recreate familiar insecurities, thereby perpetuating external as well as internal strife.

Internal insecurity is passed on from generation to generation within a community. As we grow we can give up the legacy, the tradition. This can be very difficult because it can be seen as disloyal. Do you want to move on or just remain stuck in the same narrative?

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