hide and seek…

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games                           we                        play
                    as                       children
     reveal                                       God’s            play
                               with                    us

God                    cloaked                                   us
           we                   can                                  play

                  hide                  and                            seek

God           hides                        we

      but                                  in
               our            ignorance

            we                hide            and
      God                             waits

            open                our                eyes

we                 win                      by

       seeking                      and

God                  hides                                       in
           plain                                          sight

     in      our          blindness                    we
                     pass                  Him                 by
                 again                  and                  again

God                       laughs                we       hope
                as                      we                   entertain
    Him                         in                                silly    games
we                                   play                                by            ourselves

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