From hate to Love….

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I have spent the last three years encouraging people to own, master and transcend their hate. This has been an uphill battle.

At the beginning of this period, one person left. In one class, I gave everyone permission to hate; he was the most resistant and therefore the one most filled with hate. I called him out and said it was okay for him to hate. He continued to resist. Finally, I said he needed to choose between clinging to his hate and accepting and moving beyond it. Whatever he chose would be fine with me. He needed to take responsibility for his own choices, and he indeed had the agency to do so. After a few minutes he said he wanted to leave. He got up and walked out. Good for him: he acted on what he wanted. Sad for him: he chose to hold onto hate. He never returned, though the door was always open for him.

For this person and many others over the last few years, accepting the hate within was just too abhorrent a thing to do. It was not nice. It was not positive.

The truth is, when we do accept the hate within and give ourselves permission to be with it, the hate dissolves and the Love that underlies every vibration shines forth. Cleaning and stilling our vehicles allows for God to fill all of us.

This is a practice that takes time and vigilance. We have to be continuously willing to be with our experience whatever it is, let whatever comes up from that experience come up, and function appropriately on the physical plane.

For the people who have remained and persisted through this arduous period of practice, the reward has been the promised Love. We have begun to surrender the non-self in order to uncover and recognize the true Self. “Worth it” is an understatement.

Now, as we move forward in a world that is presenting such a great test, we are to continue to practice no matter what we have to face. Love is the only answer. People who cling to the false idols of self-esteem and positivity will find themselves withering under the weight of these tests.

Our strength always comes from God. It is God’s strength and wisdom that guide us through the maze of these tests. We have access to that strength and wisdom only if we surrender our will to God’s, not as a concept but as an actuality. When we accept where we are and what we have, we are in the beginning stages of surrender. From there, we must be willing to stay with each vibration with no judgment on our shrunken self’s part. Gradually we will become aware that where we were has dissolved, and we are now moving deeper and deeper inward as we continue the practice.

With the cleaning and stilling of the vessel, the Self is free to shine forth its true nature, Love. We then bask in the awareness of who we truly are, not who we thought we were. We are Love for all time.

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