cave in…

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  driven   to                                      cave

                         by parasites

bitter                                                coward

come            out                   into

             the                sun

      play          with                       God

as                             others

           deride                                         laugh


becomes                            God’s

          song                      to

free            us             our


       the         idiot             who

              owns      and      laughs

with             all

            knowing          the real

cave          of               Heart

     hidden                        within

Love              the       weapon


     tit         for          tat

out      in                     the sun


parasite                 shrivels

no host               no parasite

             no retreat

no         cave              isolated

      in          false             protectedness

       safety          of            Love

                  keeps        us

       on         the                  field

                to           play

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