Positively Human

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Rohini explains through a series of fourchotomies what it means to be truly human: to be motivated always by Love and practicing discernment. This humanity remains out of reach until we own, master, and transcend our own ignorance, hate, and insistence on our own importance.

i doctor….

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   if            you            see             it
                         everywhere                   it
                                    in               you

         it                     is

   we        judge
                               and    so
            join                     the club

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The Heart Wins Wars

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Rohini discusses the anger and hate that fester beneath “niceness,” and how the seat of the emotions is their battlefield. She conveys through word and experience how the way to overcome hate is to accept it within ourselves so we can arrive at Love, our true nature, which is the only real freedom.

flag on the play….

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   indifference    to              

                  to      God
focus            toward
                     the          play

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Who Drives the Mind

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Drawing on Swami Hariharananda’s commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Rohini details what Hariharananda calls the habitual states of the mind. She explains how most seekers have what he calls a distracted mind, which is sometimes calm and sometimes disturbed. They tend to believe that the calm state of their mind is their true self, when in reality the mind, in all its conditions and activities, is just a vehicle for the Self.