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There’s so much talk about Grace. Born again, Pentecost, Yoga, New Age, from every corner we hear this word used. What is Grace? For me, Grace is knowing who I really am. Knowing through Being is what Grace gives us. Many people believe that Grace is having the bells and whistles; the lights, sounds, feelings, smells, and even tastes that …

There is a difference….

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There is a difference between being human and being a personality. As a human we use our personality to express our humanness. As a personality we hide our humanness and manifest our limited shrunken small selves as if they is who we really are. We manifest limited characters in a play with set scripts, set actions and no creativity. We …

Do not act….

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Do not act when in the middle of a disturbance. Sit still. Then you will be able to discern and act appropriately. Sometimes we will have to still very quickly.

It is 1:45 and….

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It is 1:45 and we have been queued since noon with still another hour ahead. We are waiting for the opportunity to vote early. There are hundreds of us, all waiting to vote. When we got here we thought the line wasn’t too long to get into the building, so we waited an hour and a half. But when we …

Sometimes I….

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Sometimes I come out swinging. And you know, sometimes swinging is appropriate. Ranting about practice is the usual way I swing. So I am including the clip Ray isolated out a few years ago where I encouraged everyone not to listen to anything. The two sides of a dichotomy have a conversation on a regular basis. What’s wrong? Nothing, if …