are you talkin to me….

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o man wake up the sages say
i am awake i say
go in go in the sages say
i am in i think i am i say
the sages turn their heads away
unkind they are i say

wake up wake up they say again
can’t they see i am awake i say
the truth is concealed the sages say
i see clearly you are fogged i say

birth and death and birth again
wake up wake up the sages say
i see my blindness and how fooled
i am by me and now
i say wake up wake up
i so want to wake up
missed too much latching onto so much
missed too much my seeing
hearing smelling tasting feeling

time is short i dig to the place
where nothing is linear
waiting for the one who will wake me up
finally finally i earn
the manifesting of my Guru
i am ready

yet all my ideas are not the truth
i wake up to reality of my unreality
how sad to leave my created world behind
the world i had worked so hard to maintain

my Guru woke me from my nightmare
he shook me hard i am so grateful
my choice my agency my authority
to leave my authority at the goodwill
at the stone table of the heart
being awakened
from apparent concealment

i saw the pati the noose was untied
i had owned me to let go of me
me as a well thought out construct
here we are with no one to speak with except
Us who was always Me

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