Are You Sharing or Reporting?….

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On a plane heading toward Florida. Reporting  or sharing? Just a fact. Do you need to know? Not really. What you need to know is there is a person in the seat in front of me that has not stopped talking for over an hour. She is reporting as if it really mattered and anyone would like to listen.  The person listening next to her is listening almost as if it were a television show and she could be passive as the show proceeded.

Do you report or share? What is the difference between reporting and sharing? When we share we are actually interested in the person we are speaking with. When we report, the recipient does not really matter. It could be anyone.

Do you believe that if you are emotional you are sharing?  Or are you just reporting your emotions and boring everyone? What is your purpose of expressing your emotions? Are your emotions the way you control your life? Do you use your emotions to manipulate everyone around you? Do you assume everyone does this? Do you do emotional competition?

Emotions are vibrations; they are vehicles we have to aid in our functioning here in these bodies. Emotions are tools that aid the soul to have experience and learning. If we use them to manipulate then we are probably not learning what we are meant to. We hopefully will see as we grow that we have identified and worshipped these vibrations. That makes us used by them rather than us using our emotions. False idols, and we are left empty. There is no satisfaction from this. And the people around us will be hurt and feel we never cared. We cared more about our emotions than anyone else.

Do you find the person reporting as bored as you are?

Reporting by most accounts is objective communication of facts. Is there anything wrong with that? Most people like reporting or objective communication, so is there a problem with it?  No—when we are looking at science, business or news. Good reporting can be sharing. There used to be reporters who reported the news with as little bias as possible and wanted us to understand and engage and wrestle and think for ourselves. Discernment was important. Now we have reporters who engage in hyperbole, and communicate it through false feelings. They “guide” us in how we should see what they are communicating. They are not interested in engaging us; they want to manipulate us. This reminds me of Fahrenheit 451, where all communication was about manipulation and maintaining life only on the surface.

However, when we are in relation with someone we hopefully want to share and have someone share with us. When we report we do not have to be present, we can be dissociated. We can speak remotely, as if reading a boring book with no awareness or consciousness. When we share we are participating and contributing consciousness to the communication. We are neither purely intellectual nor emotional. There is something deeper than the words themselves. We are sharing ourselves rather than sharing only our vehicles.

When people just want to report to me I tend to feel bored, because they are not interested in what they are saying. They are disembodied voices with no life. They are Prakrti, nature, in the form of inertia.

Let us go forth and share. Let us not share our tired reports of emotions, narratives, ideas that have not had any life in them for so long. Let us share us, truly us and not our angry, bitter, blaming self. Who are we? Love.

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