all has no value…

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valued not                          for Love

                     not for essence


adjust vehicles                                    to be acceptable

                                  does not work

not valued                                                                for self

                                by self                        LOVE

desirous of commodity          product

                                                                 receive Love

not want to Live Love or

                                             be Love

                       do not want                 Sat Chit Ananda 


Love a commodity                                  thing              not be

                    not                          the way we Live            our Lives

lying  no clarity         words being said              no connection with    


underlying vibration                    has to be in harmony with letters

                        applies                           action same as words

hear the inner essence                         know

                                        someone  communicates distortion

Guru is not a supplier of Love

                        Guru’s job is to share                  teach how we can BE

Baba taught how to BE LOVE                  how

                               to LIVE LOVE           no matter what

                                                                was happening in  day   

Baba gave                 knowledge                        of LIVE LOVE

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