against the grain….

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absolute                        ly
                  reality                     you are right
                             grainofsalt   relative      reality                 grainofsuffering

Baba           cared                     empathetic

you are        still                      innumbness
not vedanta not yoga not kashmir shaivism not this not this

ganesh         remover of obstacles     feels the                  boulders to dissolve

you sit high on mountain top           no longer                human

Self of All being    no care                 care with                detachment

forsake all              let go                    free to play             just sit in emptiness

Baba said               to Love                 so satchitananda    tousall

humanity    somewhat                    still                               intact

in order to care        for      the soul      we       have       to     acknowledge

what                    comes out                      of      the soul

agrainofsalt                    agrainofsugar             agrainofsand

Baba              cared           for it all           because he                     knew

God   dwelled         in                  All

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