Wherever there is pain….

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Wherever there is pain and disaster, it is our pain and disaster. Our job may not be to go and physically help; we may not have the skill set to do that. Our job is not to use disaster as a conversation topic to show our “compassion”. Our job is twofold.

First, we are to donate money and time (if possible) to people who do have the skill set to help. However, remember St. Barsanuphius and St. John in the Philokalia:  “If a man is asked for something he has not got, he will not be judged for not giving what is asked of him….In the same way, if a man has only enough of something for his immediate needs, he must not give it away in alms, lest it happens that later, in time of want, he suffers affliction, being unable to bear privations.”

Second, because these people are in truth us, we can bore deeply within our Hearts to the place where there is no time or space, and redirect our awareness toward the suffering.  At first this will do nothing, but eventually, with regular practice, we can actually contribute love as a sustaining force, not just a nice idea. This is done without saying anything to anyone or allowing the small self to take pride in any way. We practice it without looking to see the results. We are learning to give to Us.

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