The Holidays….

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The Holidays. This time of year in the West we find a focus on one or two particular holidays, Christmas and New Year’s. However, throughout the world holidays are always arriving and subsiding. If we look at most major holidays, they have their roots in religion, in the focus on God. And yet the secular side of life has taken ownership of these holidays, removing God and religious roots from them, and celebrating them far more religiously and fanatically than the devout ever could.

If we strip away the commercial and even cultural components of the now celebrated holidays we can find the original essence. Love for all people, understanding of both God and the world; we find behind most holidays the knowledge of True family. This is what most holidays go back to; they shine a bright light on God and our true nature.

And yet we are in this world and we enjoy creating and expressing, so we cannot just have love and joy, we always want more. And because of ignorance, our love becomes twisted love, which manifests as the desire for sense pleasure. That pleasure then becomes our goal and we miss the essence of creation. There is nothing wrong with the world, just with our wrong understanding of it. The problem is that once we have made the world into something it is not, we then relate with it in a way that perpetuates our own delusion. We either identify and grasp for success in the world as the pinnacle of all existence or we trash it and throw it on the ground. Both are incorrect. Everything changes when we see the world as an expression of God.  We then see that God shows us each the play, with the characters and scenery and actions that we need to return Home. What a great play this is for each of us. The world then supports us and we are here to learn.

Then the holidays are reminders of what is truly important. We see the heightened moment called Holiday as a great opportunity to meet each other and our Selves. We then can see God in everything, every action and everyone. Our families become less personal and more universal and definitely humorous. We can then not take the gatherings so seriously and we see the humor in the characters, the parts we all play so well.

So let us face the holidays with real understanding of their true import. Do not inappropriately exalt them or trash them. Let us practice seeing them as an expression of God’s wonderful play, which is helping us to return Home to Him.



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