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In addition to classes you can attend in person or virtually, you can subscribe to audio downloads and streaming videos of classes delivered weekly. Weekly blog posts are emailed to all subscribers. Every paid subscriber, no matter where in the world, has access to personal support from Rohini via email, Skype, or telephone. There are four different subscription types, plus a free membership.

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Premium Subscription: $19.99 a month

Premium Subscribers have access to the following:

  • all video classes of Lessons & Questions
  • all audio classes of Lessons & Questions
  • all audio classes of Scripture
  • all audio classes of Topics in Mysticism
  • video and audio course of A Spiritual Survival Kit
  • video and audio course of Walking Home with Baba
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Lessons and Questions: $7.99 a month

Lessons and Questions is Rohini’s weekly group class in which various topics related to sadhana, or spiritual practice, are discussed. Classes might involve readings, specific aspects of practice, or questions about practicing in everyday situations.

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Scripture Study: $7.99 a month

Rohini teaches extended courses in sacred texts. This includes access to the following courses:

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, using Swami Hariharananda’s Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali, published by SUNY Press, as our translation and commentary
  • Selected Upanishads, translated by S. Radhakrishnan
  • Thomas Merton’s Wisdom of the Desert
  • The Bhagavadgita, translated by S. Radhakrishnan
  • Swami Muktananda’s The Perfect Relationship
  • Our current course, Siva Sutras, translated with commentary by Jaideva Singh
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Topics in Mysticism: $7.99 a month

Topics in Mysticism is an ongoing class that includes both primary and secondary texts in mystical traditions. This includes access to the following courses:

  • Evelyn Underhill’s Mysticism
  • Sun Tzu’s The Art of War
  • Mastering The Art of War
  • The Sutra of Hui-neng with Hui-neng’s Commentary on the Diamond Sutra
  • Reynold Nicholson’s The Mystics of Islam
  • Our current course, Swami Muktananda’s Play of Consciousness
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Walking Home with Baba

In this course, which consists of nineteen classes, Rohini reads and explains Walking Home with Baba: The Heart of Spiritual Practice, leading a reflective journey through the text. The course includes both video lessons and audio downloads.

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A Spiritual Survival Kit

This free six-class course explores Rohini’s A Spiritual Survival Kit, a foundational guide to spiritual practice. It includes both video lessons and audio downloads.

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Meditation: What It Is and How To Do It

In this course, Rohini teaches the essentials of true meditation. Beginning with an explanation of the levels of spiritual practice, she takes students through the process of meditation, dispelling myths and clarifying how to overcome obstacles.

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